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Sanford Underground Research Facility

Welcome to my gallery featuring photos from the Sanford Underground Research Facility (S.U.R.F.) located in the Black Hills of South Dakota. During a location scout done for a future documentary, I had the incredible opportunity to capture images showcasing the organization that houses this underground space for scientific research.

As you explore the gallery, you will notice that some of the photos feature the 10-minute elevator shaft ride down a mile underground, which is truly an unforgettable experience. The journey itself is an adventure, and once you reach the bottom, you are immediately immersed in the world of science. One of the more notable research being conducted at the facility includes the study of dark matter, with scientists working to prove its existence and unlock the mysteries of the universe. The photos from this area provide a unique perspective on the work being done and give a glimpse into the meticulous attention to detail required in this field.

I was blown away by the amazing people involved in this project. Their commitment to their scientific research is coupled with a deep awareness that S.U.R.F. is housed within the former site of a gold mine located on once-native land. They strive to incorporate this understanding into their work, recognizing the importance of honoring and respecting the history and culture of the land on which they conduct their research. Their passion for their work and their commitment to cultural sensitivity and inclusivity is truly inspiring, and it was an honor to witness their efforts firsthand.

The Sanford Underground Research Facility is not widely known, but the images offer a glimpse into the fascinating world of scientific research and highlight the importance of the work being done at the facility. Although the documentary on S.U.R.F. is currently on pause, I eagerly anticipate the day when we can continue telling this important story.

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