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Somewhere Outside Medora

Amidst the rugged terrain and wide-open spaces of North Dakota, a group of ranchers remember their roots of the traditional cowboy lifestyle. In preparation for a film that was delayed due to the pandemic, a photo essay was captured to showcase the timeless quality of their way of life.

The images capture the essence of the roughrider lifestyle, with the cowboys riding on horseback through the rolling hills. The bond between the cowboys and their horses is palpable, as they work together seamlessly to navigate the challenging terrain. The portraits of the cowboys themselves reveal the deep pride they have in their heritage and the hard work they do to maintain their way of life. Their weathered faces tell stories of long days spent in the sun, and their rugged clothing and equipment show the practicality and durability necessary for their daily work.

Overall, these photos provide a captivating glimpse into the lives of traditional cowboys living in the North Dakotan badlands, showcasing their dedication to their work, their love for the land, and the timeless nature of their way of life.

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